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New Design From Axko Presente Mr MF

May 14th, 2015

New Design From Axko Presente  Mr MF

Enjoy the presentation of Mr MF exclusive in the gallery of FAA. What o who is Mr. MF? Mr. MF means not Mr. Motherf….r! Mr. MF means Mr. Meloneface ! Who o what is Mr. Meloneface? Everybody can be Mr. MF special my enemies o unsympathetic persons, like my Boss, neighbor, cops, the guy from the tax-office or my mother in law (sorry women). Mr MF is gender neutral! But the best of all is; you have Mr. MF in your hand or under your head. You can beat him, hug, toss away (beware your mobile phone is you use Mr MF as a phone case! ) Also you can send Mr.MF as a greeting card for all occasions. Show that you have courage. Now the gallery start with 16 differentes Mr. MF but be sure! More differentes brothers of Mr. MF will follow. Enjoy and have fun.